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Hey people, I'm Jadestream. Just a mystical, musical, vinyl-loving lady from Boston now living in Berlin, Germany. My blog is where I give back to the generous sound world with my own musical creations or just sounds that interest me...Feel free to lend an ear!

"I Want You Tonight" A brilliant beat & vinyl samples by Guts, French HipHop Beatmaker extraordinare.

Give a listen to my lovely Berlin Homegirl Anja Manjana’s mix! You may find yourself grooving away until the morning breaks! <3

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Dj Gruff - Frikkettonism - 2004- FULL ALBUM

My third eye is beaming to DJ Gruff’s 2004 album Frikkettonism. It’s atmospheric yet old skool and raw with 80’s crunchy synthesizers, fresh scratch cuts and vinyl samples straight out of the cellar! Give it a listen…
Frikkettonism, esce nel 2004 sotto autoproduzione. 1 - Frikettonism 0:00 2 - Tamuriata in tokio 5:25 3 - Adagio inquieto 10:44 4 - Sognando di dormire 16:21 …

Dj Gruff - O tutto o niente - FULL ALBUM

Tuesday Never Comes Band-Live VHS improvisational Electronic Chamber Music collective from Boston.

The Eastside gallery in Berlin, Germany (Formerly The Berlin Wall).

Gettin down with the B-boyzzzzzz!

Mixify - Live DJs. Dope Mixes. True Fans.

Mixify is a fantastic user-friendly platform to share your live DJ sets with a never-ending stream of music lovers from all around the world.

Connecticut’s very own bad boy House DJ Jus Ed performs a hot live set at Berlin’s Boiler Room!

Anti-pop Consortium performing “Volcano” from their newest album Fluorescent Black Live @ KEXP Seattle’s premier underground radio station!

Earthling  “Radar

Bristol (UK) trip hop band from the 90’s. I am digging the hell out of there debut album “RADAR”. Give this a listen…  ;-)

 ”How to draw graffiti wildstyle" by DK Drawing. Fast motion A-Z graffiti lettering tutorial and some really smooth beats to practice along to.

"Pump up the Volume" is an all time must-see for any of you house musicians & listeners…This is a great documentary about the history of House music and how it got its start in Chicago in the mid-80’s, and how its evolved until now…

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